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High Gloss Aluminum Composite Panel

Short Description:

High gloss aluminum composite panel was made by a process of lifting the gloss of the aluminum composite panel surface paint. The high gloss means the gloss of the panel coating. Generally, The panel will be clearly when the gloss is between 85 and 95 degrees.High gloss aluminum composite panel is higher than that of ordinary acp panel, which brings a  bright visual feeling to people.

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Product description

Aluminum composite panel is abbreviated as aluminum composite panel. It is a new type of material that is processed and compounded by a series of processes and composites by using surface-treated and coated aluminum panels as the surface, polyethylene and polypropylene plastic as the core layer.

The main features

1. The gloss of acp panel is higher than that of ordinary acp panel, which brings a  bright visual feeling to people.
2. The color of high gloss aluminum composite panel is generally red, yellow, white, black and other relatively bright colors.
3. According to the feedback of decoration market in recent years, the high gloss aluminum composite panel decoration material  has been widely recognized and adopted by the market.
4. The high gloss aluminum composite panel can be compared with the paint glass, and it is better than painted glass in respect of appearance effect,construction performance and long distance transportation etc.

Application field

1. Airports, wharfs, stations, subways, shopping malls, hotels, entertainment venues, high-end residences, villas, office buildings, curtain wall decoration,and interior decoration
2. Large billboards, display windows, Cladding,Layers,Kitchen Cabinet,Bathroom Cabinet,Aluminum Door,roadside newsstands, book stands, telephone booths, traffic guards, roadside petrol stations

product structure

Since the aluminum composite panel is composed of two materials (metal and non-metal) with completely different properties, it not only retains the main characteristics of the original component material (metal aluminum, non-metal polyhexene plastic), but also overcomes the original component material Insufficient, and obtained many excellent material properties.

Product specifications

1. Aluminum alloy sheet thickness:
0.06mm, 0.08mm, 0.1mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm, 0.21mm, 0.23mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.33mm, 0.35mm, 0.4mm, 0.45mm, 0.5 mm
2. Size:
Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
Width: 1220mm, 1500mm
Length: 2440mm, 3200mm, 4000mm, 5000mm (maximum: 6000mm)
Standard size: 1220mm x 2440mm, non-standard size can be provided according to customer requirements.
3. Weight: 5.5kg/㎡ based on 4mm thickness
4. Surface coating:
Front: Aluminum alloy plate coated with fluorocarbon resin (PVDF) and polyester resin (PE) baking varnish
Back: Aluminum alloy plate coated with polyester resin paint
Surface treatment: PVDF and PE resin roll baking treatment
5. Core material: flame-retardant core material, non-toxic polyethylene

Process flow

1) Formation line
The forming line plays the role of cleaning the rolling lubricating oil, anti-oxidation grease and various dirts during the rolling process of a layer attached to the surface of the aluminum coil, and removes the precipitation of silicon, magnesium, copper and other impurities on the aluminum surface.
2) Precision coating line
Coating adopts an internationally advanced precision three-roller reverse roller coating machine, which performs precision coating in a closed and dust-free state, so that the thickness of the coating film and the appearance quality of the coating are well controlled; the oven is divided into four zones to control the temperature .
3) Continuous hot paste composite line
Selecting imported polymer membranes, relying on advanced equipment, perfect technology, and strict control, so that the aluminum-plastic composite panel has a super peeling degree, which has exceeded the indicators of internationally renowned brands.

product quality assurance

(1) Under normal climatic conditions, the paint on the surface will not peel off, blisters, cracks, or powder.
(2) Under normal environmental conditions, no peeling or bubbling of the sheet will occur.
(3) When the plate is exposed to normal radiation or temperature, no abnormal chromatic aberration will occur.
(4) Inspect the inspection methods in accordance with international regulations, and all indicators meet the requirements of national standards and corporate standards or contract requirements.
(5) Fluorocarbon exterior wall panels produced in accordance with the national standard of aluminum-plastic composite panel GB/T17748-1999, the coating is 70% fluorocarbon resin, used under normal climatic environmental conditions, we can provide 10-15 years of quality assurance . In addition to the physical and mechanical properties of ordinary aluminum-plastic panels, fire-resistant aluminum-plastic panels also have good fire-resistant properties, and their combustion performance reaches or exceeds the B1 level specified by QB8624.

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