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Imitation stone aluminum veneer

Short Description:

The stone grain aluminum veneer is made of high-grade aluminum alloy as the main material. It is made by CNC bending and other technologies according to the size, shape and structure of the project site. It uses Italian stone grain film on the basis of fluorocarbon spraying on the surface. It is a high-grade metal decorative material that is vacuum-processed to transfer the stone film to the fluorocarbon coating of the aluminum veneer.

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Product description

The stone grain aluminum veneer is self-cleaning, and the fluorocarbon coating has the special molecular structure of KYNAR500, so that the dust brought to the aluminum veneer in the environment cannot be contaminated at all, so it has soft and strong self-cleaning.

The main features

1. Durable, non-fading,
2. Environmental protection, fire prevention, moisture proof,
3. Variety, pattern, color can be customized according to user requirements.
4. Good flatness, moisture resistance and oil resistance
5. Excellent corrosion resistance, resistance to moisture, UV
6. Impeccable fireproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant functions, sound absorption, good thermal insulation performance, perfect sound absorption
7. The aluminum mesh plate has a compact structure and seamless stitching, which can maintain no discoloration for 20 years;
8. Non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable

Comparison with other materials

Aluminum is very versatile. Compared with many other metals, it is naturally light weight and easy to work with. It is highly resistant to corrosion, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.
Most importantly, aluminum is a cos and ceilingst-efficient material that is well worth the investment. In terms of longevity, aluminum perforated panel is among the most durable and longest lasting. This is an excellent option for the decorative surfaces to noise resistant and light control of walls as well.
For the shape, type, color, pattern of aluminum perforated panel, you have plenty of options when you design. And it is easy to install the same when it comes to your project.

Application field

The aluminum veneer is suitable for the decoration of interior and exterior walls, lobby facades, awnings, column decorations, elevated corridors, pedestrian bridges, elevator edging, balconies, advertising signs, indoor shaped ceilings, etc.

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