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Advantages of aluminum composite wall panels

1.What is aluminum composite wallboard?

Aluminum composite wall panel is a kind of decorative panel based on color-coated steel plate. In recent years, it has been more commonly used in the interior decoration of a computer room. A new type of wall decoration material. Metal curtain wall panels can be used to replace latex. Paint, wall tiles and decorative wall materials. It is very light and convenient, safe to use, and has a particularly good decorative effect.


2. The advantages of aluminum composite wall panels

(1) The surface of the aluminum composite wall panel is green and environmentally friendly baking paint, no odor, no blemishes and other harmful substances, creating a healthy and comfortable environment for the computer room, simple construction, convenient maintenance and other characteristics, particularly strong practicability, fireproof, mothproof and moisture-proof characteristics It also ensures that the service life of the metal curtain wall panel is relatively long.

(2) The fireproof effect of the aluminum composite panel is quite good. It has been tested and tested to reach the national first-class fire protection. The wallboard of the forest engine room has strong antistatic performance. The resistance value of the surface of the antistatic wallboard is 10 to the 5-8th power. Ohm, make the charge decay time less than 1 second, ensure the anti-static performance of the anti-static wallboard, and provide users with a safe and reliable barrier to use;

(3) Green installation, no welding, easy to disassemble, and reusable, which greatly saves the decoration period. The metal curtain wall panel has another great advantage, that is, it has strong heat preservation performance. When we use it indoors, it is similar to using air to heat insulation between the wall and the metal curtain wall. The gypsum board used in the bottom plate has a certain heat absorption capacity, so the insulation effect is better.

(4) As a high-quality decorative material, it is simple, beautiful and generous, never fades, does not dust, and is easy to clean. When matched with the floor and ceiling, it creates a more comfortable and beautiful environment for us.


Post time: Jan-10-2022