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If you choose custom home furnishings, you must choose aluminum composite panels

Custom home furnishing has become a decoration trend, and several key points need to be paid attention to.

1. Material selection

In home decoration, the choice of materials is very important because it directly affects the health of the occupants. Nowadays, most of the panels on the market are veneer panels with decorative effects. In addition to looking at the color when choosing, we must also ask clearly what the base material of the panel is, what is the environmental protection level, what is the thickness of the panel, and the cabinet panel and Is the cabinet door made of the same material? You can also ask the manufacturer to provide a test report, etc. Here, you can ask as carefully as possible. Generally, regular brand manufacturers or stores will give you the answer you want.


The “aluminum composite panel” consists of a fire-retardant core material, a three-layer composite panel with aluminum on both sides, and the product surface is covered with a decorative and protective coating or film as the decorative surface of the product, referred to as aluminum composite panel. Its advantages are: light weight; high flatness; diversified color options. Very suitable for kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, etc.


Aluminum composite panel has excellent strength and weight ratio

The materials are just like a decent set of clothing. Good metal aluminum-based technology sheet materials can make custom homes more refined. Good custom designs with good materials are the icing on the cake, which fully reflects the owner’s super taste.

2. Design

Design is the core advantage of all customized products. If a set of customized home design fails, no matter how good the material is, it is probably not in the eyes of the public.

Because each family has a different layout, if you like the displayed products, you can communicate with the engineer or the sales manager. The project will be designed according to the drawings provided by the customer, and the rendering will be produced. At this time, you can see the appearance of the future home in advance. If you are not satisfied there, tell the engineer directly to modify it until you are satisfied. Usually, many customized brands can do this. After all, it’s customized, so you can shop around. You don’t have to trust others too much about this. You can tell when you compare, and finally choose the one that suits you. 


Three, service

The service of custom home furnishing is valued by many of us, especially in the after-sales aspect. Because before buying, merchants will naturally treat you like a loved one, but after paying the money, some merchants with weak service awareness will change their faces. It is recommended that you choose a brand with a higher reputation. After all, the reputation is there, and these big brands also pay special attention to the image, and will not hurt the hearts of consumers because of a single list.


Post time: Jan-10-2022