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The development prospect of aluminum composite panels curtain wall

The aluminum composite panels curtain wall is the outer wall of the building. It is not load-bearing and hangs up like a curtain, so it is also called “aluminum composite panels curtain wall”. It is a light-weight wall with decorative effect commonly used in modern large and high-rise buildings. A building envelope or decorative structure that is composed of a panel and a supporting structure system, which can have a certain displacement relative to the main structure or has a certain deformation capacity, and does not bear the role of the main structure (external wall frame support system is also a aluminum composite panels curtain wall system One of them).

Structure: Common glass aluminum composite panels curtain wall structure: hidden frame, semi-hidden frame, exposed frame, point type, full glass, etc.



1. Light weight. In the comparison of the same area, the quality of the glass aluminum composite panels curtain wall is about 1/10~1/12 of the whitewashed brick wall, 1/15 of the wet method wall of marble and granite finishes, and 1 of the concrete hanging slab. /5~1/7. In general buildings, the quality of the inner and outer walls is about 1/4 to 1/5 of the total weight of the building. The use of aluminum composite panels curtain walls can greatly reduce the weight of the building, thereby reducing the cost of foundation engineering.

2. The design is flexible and the artistic effect is good. Architects can design various shapes according to their own needs, which can be presented in different colors, coordinate with the surrounding environment, and coordinate with the light to integrate the building with nature, so that high-rise buildings reduce the sense of oppression.

3. Strong earthquake resistance, flexible design, strong wind resistance and earthquake resistance, it is the best choice for tall buildings.

4. Systematic construction, systematic construction is easier to control the construction period, and it takes less time.

5. Modernization can improve the novel and technological development of buildings, such as photovoltaic energy-saving aluminum composite panels curtain walls, double-layer ventilation duct breathing aluminum composite panels curtain walls and other designs that are matched with intelligent technology.

6. It is convenient to update and repair, because it is built on the outer structure of the building, it is convenient to repair or update it.


development trend

1. From bulkiness to lighter plates and structures (the thickness of natural stone is 25mm, and the thinnest of new materials is 1mm).

2. Less variety and gradually move towards more types of plates and richer colors (currently there are stone, ceramic plates, glass-ceramics, high-pressure laminates, cement fiber silk plates, glass, inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastics, clay plates, ceramic protection plates, and metal plates. Nearly 60 kinds of panels are applied to exterior walls).

3. Higher safety performance.

4. More flexible and convenient construction technology.

5. Higher waterproof performance extends the life of the aluminum composite panels curtain wall (from closed aluminum composite panels curtain wall to open aluminum composite panels curtain wall).

6. Environmental protection and energy saving (the metal decorative insulation board is commonly used in the European and American construction market today, which is made of aluminum-zinc alloy carved veneer, polyurethane insulation layer and glass fiber cloth after color baking; taking into account decoration and thermal insulation and energy-saving functions, top paint 10-15 years without fading, the overall service life can reach 45 years).


Post time: Jan-10-2022